Grade 6 camp – Coonawarra Farm Resort, Stratford

Monday 20th March – Friday 24th March, 2017


Final information and arrangement details


Wednesday March 14th 2017


The following information is provided to ensure that all children are fully prepared for school camp. Please check all details and ensure that all areas have been attended to prior to camp. If you require any clarification please contact your child’s teacher.


Departure arrangements:

Time:              Children must be at school by 7.40 am on Monday morning.

Luggage:        Place all luggage next to the buses. Buses will be parked in the staff carpark.

Classrooms:   Children must assemble at their classroom at 7.45 am. Children should go to the toilet before this time.

Parking:         Parents are reminded that there are more than 100 children leaving for camp on Monday morning – parking will be difficult and you may have to walk some distance to the school. Parents are reminded to factor this into their plans on this morning.



All medication must be registered on Monday morning – no medication is to be packed in luggage.

Labelling:      All medication must be in the zip-lock bag provided this week. With the information sheet completed.

Registering:   All medication must be handed in to Miss Arney and Mrs Love on Monday morning – they will be in the Chadwick Building corridor. Bring it in your plastic bag with the medication dosage doc.


Lunch / Sweets:

Lunch:                        A packed lunch and playlunch is required on Monday. Please wrap all items in disposal packaging.

Sweets/Lollies: Children may bring sweets / lollies – no chocolates or chocolate coated lollies.

No sweets are to be eaten on the bus prior to morning tea on this day.

Drinks:           All children need to have a water bottle with them.



All children should carry a small backpack on Monday morning with their lunch, drink bottle and personal items. This backpack will be used throughout their time at camp on the various walks and activities.


Additional items:

Clipboard:     All children will take their clipboard – from school with them.

Pencils:          All children will need to take a small selection of pens / pencils with them.

Letter:                        All children will send a letter home from camp. Please provide a stamped and addressed envelope for this letter.

Board games: We ask children to bring playing cards or small board games (travel variety) for those quiet times or in the case of bad weather.

Book:              All children need to bring a book to read at camp.

Tennis racquet: Children may bring a tennis racquet for use in free time. No other sporting equipment is required.



Children are not permitted to take mobile phones or cameras to camp.

Children are not permitted to take other entertainment technologies – iPods, iPads, MP3 players etc.

Children are also not permitted to bring money.





DVDS:                        The coaches have DVD players and children are invited to bring a DVD to watch on the trip.

                        All must be rated ‘G’ or ‘PG’.

DVD’s need to be brought to school by Friday March 17th. Please ensure they are clearly named.

CDS:               Any music CDs needed for the ‘Talent Show’ or for the disco must be clearly named and provided to the student’s class teacher.

                        All music must appropriate for this use – no offensive themes.



Thanks to all for their support in preparing children for camp. We are looking forward to a terrific time next week.





Gary Richardson

Grade 6 Team Leader

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