Monday tasks

Task 1: Interview a friend (20 mins)

Write down 5 OPEN questions about camp that you will use to interview someone. Do not use closed questions like ‘did you have fun?’ They’re boring! Interview someone who was not in your cabin or activity group and share something they tell you with the grade, then swap over. (If you did not attend camp you can still interview people who did attend).


Task 2: Camp hands (60 mins)

Trace your hand on a piece of paper and stick it onto an A3 sheet (coloured paper can be used if you would like). Write your favourite activities on each finger then write and draw about them around the outside. Ensure your work is of a high standard as this will be displayed in the corridor! 🙂 Detail and reasons for your opinions are expected. (Non campers may complete the same task about their week).


Task 3: Code a camp scene! (100 mins)

Here’s where the real fun begins! Code/animate a scene from camp.  This can be something memorable, exciting, terrifying, funny… anything you like! You can use any program that you wish and challenge yourself! Ask people for tips if you are unsure or want to learn a new skill. These will be shared in the grade so make sure to plan your scene carefully and think about any others who may be involved in your animation. You will need to check with them that they are happy to be in your animation. Have fun and be creative! (Non campers may complete the same task about their week).


Task 4: Design your own camp! (90 mins)

Use your maths grid book to design your very own Grade 6 camp. You will need to draw your camp in pencil and decide on how big it will be/what it will look like from a bird’s eye view.

  • What will be the total area of land you will need?
  • How much fencing is required to enclose your camp?
  • How much will the fencing cost altogether? You can choose from 3 different fence types. Below are the fences with their cost PER METRE.
    $17.99 per metre when purchasing the first 10 panels. The price of any extras are only $10.95
    $99 per metre
    $33.50 per metre when purchasing the first 10 panels. The price of any extras are only $29.95

    – How much will it cost to purchase enough beds for your camp? (This will depend on how many rooms you have got and how large they are).

    $120 each
    $299.99 each OR $399.99 for two

    $1045.95 OR $4999.89 for five beds
  • Now you can choose your activities e.g. flying fox. How much will each one cost you? (This is your opportunity to challenge yourself with your choice of pricing for each piece of equipment).
  • How much have you spent altogether building your camp?
  • How many students will need to come to your camp for you to earn back what you have spent on building it? The student prices are below, select your challenge (*, ** or ***).
  • *$250 per student
  • ** $317.70 per student
  • *** $445.75 per student for a group of 10 or less people. $399.87 per student for a group between 11 and 20 people. $280.65 per student for a group larger than 20 people.

Please show me your THINKING! That’s the best part of all your work!



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