6C, while I’m at sport you need to work on the following tasks. You may choose what order you do them in unless told otherwise by the teacher you are with for the day 🙂 I will be checking with you on Friday to see what you have done so buckle up and work hard! 😀

If a task is of high priority, it needs to be one of the first things you complete.


– Lightning writing suggestions page: Choose 1 or 2 from the class suggestions page to complete .

– publishing narratives *HIGH PRIORITY*

– BTN and questions which are on the ‘inquiry’ page of the blog.

– Mathletics tasks which have been set for you individually.

– Time zone investigation on home page of blog (scroll down to find it)

– Inquiry project: finishing presentations so that they can be shared on Monday. *HIGH PRIORITY*

E & L preparation is only to be done if all work is complete.

Show your working for any of the following that you choose 🙂

Time zones investigation!

What does the term Greenwich mean time refer to? Investigate.

Why do we need different time zones? When were these time zones decided and by whom?

What is the international date line?

What does the acronym AEST mean? How does daylight saving effect this?

How many time zones are there across Australia? What are the implications of this?