KM, M, CM & MM

Collect your strip of paper from Miss Clark and use the partitioning strategy and your knowledge of 1% and 10% to help you find the following:


3 quarters

20 %

1 quarter


73 %

Free choice!

How many ways can you represent this amount?

Your strip may represent one of the following sizes:

* 1km

** 2km

*** 5.5km

**** 2.43km


Take a photo of your completed strip and annotate it with a voice over to explain your thinking. 🙂

Team race! In teams of 5,  create the longest distance by using only 20cm straight lines. The lines cannot be touching.

How can we work out who has won without counting every single line and adding every 20cm one by one? Find an efficient strategy with your team to determine the total distance made.

How could we work together to make 1km outside using our 1m strips? We need to be fast and efficient!