The Unequal World: Literacy Rates

Literacy Rate
1. What does literacy rate mean?
2. Name 10 countries that have a literacy rate over 99%.
3. Make a list of at least 3 reasons why you think this might be so.
4. Define what ‘good education’ is.
5. Is Australia a lucky country with regards to literacy? Why?
6. Name 6 countries with a literacy rate under 50%. Why do these countries have such a low literacy rate? 7.Research and use facts to support your opinion.
Based on this data, complete the following sentences;
I wonder…
What if…
I’m not sure…
8. The total number of children out of school fell from 106 million to 57 million between 1999 and 2011. Why?
9. Globally, 123 million youth (15-24 years old) lack basic reading and writing skills. 61% are women. Why?
10. There is a direct, positive correlation between womens education and increasing children’s chances of surviving, in turn becoming healthier and better educated. Why?