Have a lit convo with a m8 using this SMS gener8tor using texting language. Screenshot it, airdrop to each other, print a copy each and then edit in your books. Proof read it so that even the queen could read it aloud perfectly!

Use explain everything to complete one of the following proof reading tasks.

* TreasureHuntCorrection

** Shipwrecked 

*** Colon     Semicolons

**** all-punctuation-powerpoint

Pirate Story GoodVBad

Here is your lightning writing topic for today! You have 5 minutes to create a piece of writing that sends chills up our spines! (Yes, that was an idiom!) Make your writing come alive like a movie in your mind!




Head to this website to create your wild self! You will need to do the following:

  • Put a picture of your wild self into a pages or explain everything document
  • Describe the features of your wild self and label using the literacy devices we have been learning about in class e.g. similes, metaphors, personification, onomatopoeia etc.
  • Write a short story about your wild self! Be creative! Challenge your thinking! How can you make it descriptive and exciting for the reader?
  • Share your work with a buddy and help each other to edit. Tap into your growth mindset and use this opportunity to improve 🙂
  • Save your work to the 6C server so it can be printed in colour.



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