Have a lit convo with a m8 using this SMS gener8tor using texting language. Screenshot it, airdrop to each other, print a copy each and then edit in your books. Proof read it so that even the queen could read it aloud perfectly!

Use explain everything to complete one of the following proof reading tasks.

* TreasureHuntCorrection

** Shipwrecked 

*** Colon     Semicolons

**** all-punctuation-powerpoint

Pirate Story GoodVBad

Here is your lightning writing topic for today! You have 5 minutes to create a piece of writing that sends chills up our spines! (Yes, that was an idiom!) Make your writing come alive like a movie in your mind!




Head to this website to create your wild self! You will need to do the following:

  • Put a picture of your wild self into a pages or explain everything document
  • Describe the features of your wild self and label using the literacy devices we have been learning about in class e.g. similes, metaphors, personification, onomatopoeia etc.
  • Write a short story about your wild self! Be creative! Challenge your thinking! How can you make it descriptive and exciting for the reader?
  • Share your work with a buddy and help each other to edit. Tap into your growth mindset and use this opportunity to improve 🙂
  • Save your work to the 6C server so it can be printed in colour.



41 thoughts on “English

  1. Beauty and the beast
    This was one of the first movies I really watched as a kid, I watched this movie about 10 times a week. This movie is a Disney movie and as a kid I really liked Disney.

    What if the beast was a human the whole time?
    What is bell wasn’t nice?

  2. What if we could make a universe where little people with an odd skin tone met a man with a plan to take over the world who also had to balance kids with his plan?

  3. What if..?
    What if an unhappy girl was shown a better world with new deceiving parents and wonders untold where she could stay if she agreed to see it through button eyes?

  4. What if you could pretend to be someone else and switch lives, while the other person pretended to be you and is living in your life.

  5. What if a man who he lived in town maycomb Alabama was a lawyer and was given the case to defend a a black native man in a court case and the movie is set in a the 30s when Americas were suffering of the economic turmoil.

  6. The beach was dark it’s sand was pitch black and the water was dark brown. The washed up dead bird as on the shore made the sand have old ragged bones o the shore. I walk on to the pitch black sand and mt feet sink into it I take a step and step and lay my foot on a sharp object I look down and it is a small bone my foot is dripping with blood I then decided to put my shoes on. The shore is coverd in dead crabs one of them has this disgusting fungi growing on it I get closer and it pops I look at my clothes and there is a brown slimy liquid on me but it doesn’t bother me. There is a rusty old 1960s mustang on the shore I take I look inside I see human remains a lean over and start to puke I call the police and they thanked me for letting them now

  7. Ellie had been walking for hours. It was the afternoon as ellie looked up to the bright blue sky with the dull yellow sun covered by white fluffy clouds. Her hair was drenched from her sweat from walking for hours and she was moping as she dragged heself to where looked like shelter. The shelter had 2 large,green palm trees tied together and what looked like a sitting area to ellie made with rocks. She then hears a bright squeaky voice coming from behind her. “What do you think your doing? Ellie turns her head in a split second and saw a girl who was slightly younger than her. She had long silky,blonde hair which glossed in the sun tied together with her blue shorts and deep purple t shirt. They both talked and started heading off for an adventure but they were soon stopped by a large wall. This wall was dark grey and was 7 times bigger than ellie. The wall was made of stone and the 2 girls were very quickly asking the same question. “How do we get over this.”

  8. The purple slimy tentacles slapped their suction cups to the sand and overpowered the waves with crashes. Black beard ignored his thick curly black ragged locks as they flew in front of his vision, he limped and ambled to the skull cave with a blazed red eyes on his foot and peg. As he approached the rocky sanctuary and pool of sharks came into his view, not spiteing him at all. He swung across dodgeing the claws and grasp of the shark beneath him. He landed with out looking back at his accomplishment, the lava that lay ahead shocked him but nevertheless he marched on determined to prove the legend of the treasure to be reality. He found the chamber that held his very reasoning of lifestyle and bestowed upon his sight was a note.
    Finders keepers
    Catch me if you can!
    -Red Beard.
    Here is where the true story began….

  9. The normal world:
    New York, towering buildings busy streets and lots of people. Staying in a luscious hotel and a four poster bed. Lots of honking. Baileys tiger loyaly follows her around and is her closest confadite.


  10. She dragged herself into the room already shaking in horror as she saw the stretching machine, the walls where shaped out of cement. There was a screeching noise that was deafening her more at every second. She was eager to get out of there as the door slammed shut. The roof was in an aggressive state she heard footsteps from above she felt foolish that she thought she would get in to a school as good as the one on the postcard. She knew she shouldn’t have worn my silk pure white singlet and especially not my new cardian and high waisted shorts. Her hair in a messy ombré wave, but now that didn’t matter now.

  11. It was a terrorist hostage situation in L.A Specialist CODENAME BlackBeard with a MK17 CQB with another specialist CODENAME Jackal the house was two story cameras set around the perimeter this is a grab and extract mission

  12. One quiet stormy night on the top of a building it was raining with lightning thunder and windy. It’s to windy out to have a umbrella to the mayor has evacuated Los Angeles. Not even news crew are here but there is still one person here. On the top of the news building the tallest building in the city. The Raidiant Runner. That’s were he was. Then Super Villains come and RR has to save the world in the stormy rain without the sun and speed is running out fast. Find out what happens once the full story is released…

  13. There was a beautiful girl, she is 17 years old and her name is Grace. She where’s a white off the shoulder dress and she loved and missed her family so so much, her mum and dad died and than she lived with her grandma. After 6 years she died so grace lived all alone. she live in a small town with horrible people, they where rude and always ignored grace. Now she lives in a big mansion with a prince he is really nice, humble and handsome. they got married and grace doesn’t think about the past like she used to, she learned to live not to live in the past and expect what has happened and be thankful for what is happening now. Grace where’s a chocker that her mum wore and she has a tattoo on the back of her wrist, it was a love heart that represents her love for her mum and dad.

  14. She glanced up from the gigantic tree that she hid behind. There were faint murmurs and whispers. Lara shuffled backwards as the whispers approached closer.
    “Sh, there’s someone there!” A deep voice boomed. Lara heard the footsteps fade into the gloomily misty and chilly air. She stood out from behind the tree. In front of her, was a shady and black house. There were ragged cloths which hung on the broken balcony. The spooky wind whispered for Lara to come. The house seemed abandoned and there were bottle caps, wrappers and all sorts of junk lying around the bumpily paved ground. The house seemed as though a blast of wind could tear it down. The rusty metal stairs which lead to the front door croaked and screeched as Lara sneaked up, glancing around to see if anyone was watching her. The rusty door knob hardly turned, to Lara’s surprise, the door was unlocked. It creaked slowly as
    Lara slowly opened. The inside was just as spooky and creepy as how it looked on the outside. It led to a long and narrow hallway. It was dark.
    “Are you there?” Lara yelled into the dark. No reply. She turned around only to see a black figure behind her.
    “Ahhhhhhhh!!!!” She screamed as she ran into the hallway trying to open the doors in the hallway. The doors were all dark and locked. As she reached a wired gate, she realised it was locked. It was a dead end. As she turned back to see that he was coming closer. There were no way out.

  15. I have lived in many small towns and big cities. So much that sometimes it’s hard to keep track. But right now I am living in America. Santa Monica to be exact. It’s amazing. The ocean pushes up slowly on the shore that is crawling with beautiful shells. The grass is lush and green. Daisies and birds of all colours and shapes are abundant. I live in a castle with my Foster parents. The castle is tall and many beautiful marble structures surround it. The bushes are neatly shaped and there are many, many gorgeous animals. I love them dearly. But my foster mother says that they are not to be underestimated and that I should be carelful around the Tigers and bears. The castle also has the most brilliant view of the sea. I love to watch the turbulent waves crash into the rocks while brushing my long brown hair. It’s very different to my old home in London full of annoying noises and extremely loud neighbours. I can also see the mountains which I am on. They are tall and covered in tall trees. Hardly anyone ever comes up here but I can see the small bustling village every morning as my mother reminds me to put my best dress on for dinner tonight. We are always having people over. That’s why the dining room is very luxurious and divine. This is my best family yet, but I hope my curse doesn’t put an end to it soon.

  16. one gray dull day in Melbourne city, a little boy called Joseph Robertson lived in a cramped apartment with his mum. It is very small but comforting with all the stuff they need. His dad passed away when he was 1 and a half years old. His bedroom is grey but filled with fence posts of every colour, shape and size. His bed is also very small yet snug. He loved his mum so much but the mother wasn’t that fond of him.

  17. Dreams are lived right here
    The floor boards creek beneath me
    Practice makes perfect

    Dusty but faithful
    I never want to leave this
    Grandma I dance on

    This dusty place is where I call home I dance here but this is where i love. The barres paint is peeling and the lights flicker constantly. There are dents all in the floor but this is where I’m happy I’m loved and hopeful. I made a promise to the dusty, peeling, flickering, dying studio, I love you grandma and I made a promise. I swear to dance on.

  18. My setting: You walk into the middle of the city and you go through an underground tunnel that leads to a huge blue building. It looks lonely and empty but as soon as you walk in you are welcomed to a huge, spacious room. There will be animals everywhere running back and forth. You will see a huge desk at the end where there will be someone there to tell you where to go if you’re unsure. There will be an area to the left with couches and a Rv if you are waiting for someone. To the right there will be a few elevators to go to any other level. The carpet is a pale blue and shaggy and the roof is really high with a huge chandelier. That is what it will look like as soon as you walk in.

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