Lightning writing!

* If you were the teacher for a day what would you do? *

* If you were a millionaire and could only spend your money on ONE thing what would it be? *

* If you could see into the future would you want to? *



Minecraft vs Clash of clans…which is the greatest?!

Who would win in an epic battle?!

If you could have any power in the world what would you

want to have and why?

13 thoughts on “Lightning writing!

  1. If I were a millionaire I would spend my money on 100 litters of tea cup puppies I would do that because they are super cute and cuddly. I would send 50 litters over to Africa and India and get volunteers to give them to poor children with food for the dogs and for the kids. I would do this because it would make them happy and it would also make me happy knowing I hat they are happy and healthy.With the other 50 litters I would have a free dog show for people to watch and every time I would breed them the prize is a dog there would be a free play area for other dogs to come and see what it’s like.- Hayley

  2. If I was a millionaire I would spend my money on the world best gaming setup and get good and maybe become a pro or a massive house with the worlds best gaming setup. Or buy a mansion by its self

  3. If you could see into the future would you want to?

    If I could see into the future I wouldn’t want to. My reason is because if I have a goal and I look into the future and see I never achieve it it could discourage me. If I don’t see the future I still work hard and achieve it.
    I wouldn’t look into the future because if I saw the future, nothing would happen to me naturally and I would always know it would happen to me so it might turn out differently.
    I wouldn’t want to look into the future because the vision might not be true and I could see something horrible that won’t actually happen to me. I the might waste my life waiting for it to happen and preparing for it but in reality it won’t actually happen at all. It might also end up happening because I expected to To when it wasn’t actually going to.
    My final reason is that it would spoil my life’s adventures and it might make everything a bit boring because I know it will happen.
    There could also be a good side to it to but these are the reasons I don’t want to see into the future!


  4. If I were a millionaire and I could only spend my money on one thing it would have to be a really big house for me and my family to live in for tens of years. It would have everyones own bathroom it would have a technology room with monitors on the wall with a big PC for gaming. Out the back there would be a indoor pool with lighting also there would be two stories with a spiral staircase.

  5. If I was a millionaire i and I could spend my money on one thing I would buy a business or a franchise like target, Kmart, big w or a franchise like Coles and Myer the reason why I would do this is because then I would keep making money and would never have to work again.
    Or instead of that I would buy land or a estate. Then I would divide it up and either sell big lots of land. Or hire peolpe to build huge houses. Then I would keep earning money.

  6. Lightning writing
    If I were a millionaire the one thing I would spend my money on would be… to donate most of my money to the poor and the people that need it like Africa. With the rest of the money I would buy stuff that I need and would make me healthy and happy like food,
    a dog and payments for everything I would need. I would also save money so I could buy a house and a car for when I am older.


  7. 1. If I was the teacher for the day I would let people play on their I pads for the last 2 session and for the middle sessions I would let them do silent reading and then do a quick summary on it and for the first sessions I would let my class go outside and play sport.

    2. If I was a millionaire I would give my money to the people in need. For example I would give money to countries the have food shortages and give some money to people who are homeless and need a home to stay in. I don’t want to spend money on me because I’ve got plenty of food and water and supplies and I feel bad for the people who don’t have those things.

  8. Lighting Writing 27/2/17 Paige K
    If I was a millionaire, I’d buy an unknown country that is really big and name it after myself! I’d call it KeebleAir it would be smack bang in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It would be the shape of a unicorns head, with the long beautiful wavy hair and rainbow horn. People from all over the world would come and visit it’d be a fantastic place to come and settle in and relax, it’d be wonderful!!!

  9. Lightning writing

    If I could be a teacher for one day I would, ban homework because school is where you do work not at home when you spend time with your family and where you do the things you most love. The next thing I would do allow anyone to play anything on their iPads but only once you have finished your work and when there is an iPad session. I would then make iPad sessions once a day so the kids could have free time on their iPads. If it was over thirty degrees I would let the children have a choice if they wanted to stay inside with the aircon or go outside. That’s what I’d do if I was a teacher.


  10. Lightning Righting

    If I was millionaire I would buy a automatic Chewbacca cross bow and the colour would be red camo. I would use it for hunting animals because I love to hunt and I love using a bow. But the problem is when you shoot what ever the arrow hits it blows up.

  11. If I were a millionaire I would spend my money on the Amazon Gaming section because it is a lot of things but in a sentence it is only one thing, and it is all made up of computers, desks, keyboards, mice, headsets, monitors, cable management and much MORE!! So you could make a full Gaming setup! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ノ

  12. I would let the kids do what ever they want and steel all there iPads and all the schools computers and take them home and then I would steel the TV and anything I like in my room. And then make the kids do work which will take them one million year’s. And then put them in detention for not finishing there work in 1 millisecond. And then whip them with a belt as hard as I can and then I will pin there ears through the wall.
    * If you were the teacher for a day what would you do
    * If you were the teacher for a day what would you do

    * If you were the teacher for a day what wou
    * If you were the teacher for a day what would you do

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