Illustrator mapper

Good readers make pictures in their minds as they read. This is a chance to share some of your own images and visions. Draw some kind of picture related to the reading you have just done. You can draw a picture of something that happened in your book, or something that the reading reminded you of, or a picture that conveys any idea or feeling you got from the reading. Any kind of drawing or graphic is okay – you can even label things with words if that helps. Fold a small section of your page over and use this space to write what your picture shows and why you chose to draw the particular part of the story. Be sure to elaborate on your reason for choosing to draw your picture.

Use a full page to complete your picture. Here’s an example of what your page will look like:

In your Literacy Circles meeting session:


  • Show your drawing to your group but don’t explain it immediately. Let people speculate what your picture means, so they can connect your drawing to their own ideas about the reading.
  • After everyone has had a say tell them what your picture means, refer to the parts in the text that you used, and/or convey what it represents to you.