Literacy Luminary

Your job is to choose a paragraph, section, sentence or quotation from the book to discuss with your group. Your purpose is to help other students by spotlighting something interesting, powerful, funny, puzzling, confusing, informative, controversial, well written, thought provoking, meaningful, poetic or important from the text. Include your reasons for picking the paragraphs or sections you did. Be sure to elaborate and clearly explain why you picked this particular part. Record the page number and paragraph that the part your chose came from. You need to choose 3 separate parts from the chapters you have read this week. Set your work out in the table as follows:

In your Literacy Circles meeting session:

  • Ask the selected group member to read the part you have chosen
  • Share your ‘reason for choosing’ with your group. Allow your group members to respond with their own thoughts, feelings, etc.