Word Wizard

The words a writer chooses are an important ingredient of the author’s craft. Your job is to be on the lookout for words that may be unusual, puzzling or unfamiliar while you are reading. Try to figure out their meaning from the context clues around the words (i.e. the sentence and surrounding text that the word is in). Look up the words in the dictionary and discuss then with an adult. Write a definition in your own words. Make sure that you understand the words before you meet with your group! Set your work out in the table as follows:

In your Literacy Circles meeting session:

  • Have your group members go to the location of each word
  • Read the word in context (in the sentence that it is in)
  • Lead your group through a discussion of the word and its possible meaning. Remember to use the text and examine the word in context. What clues around the word help to tell us the meaning? Does the word derive from another word that’s meaning is already known?