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  1. Hi and honestly i don’t think I will be that good for the environmental council job because I have a good memory but only when I’m bored and I’m not having fun so I don’t think I will be that good with meetings and ect. By the way I’ve never been a big fan of the environmental council,I was more a fan of JSC(junior school council). One more thing… I’m really shy.(that’s why I don’t share my work often because I know I’m not that good at it but I give it a go and most of the time it’s ordinary)

  2. Good morning/afternoon Miss Clark,
    I love the environment and I do care for it but I don’t think I am the best at speeches or leading a group cause I am not the most confident person and I know to be part of the environment council would be an honour but I’m just not up for it. Even though I don’t want to be the environment council I will still look after the environment and tell people to care for it because almost everyone in this world doesn’t want nature to die out forever. I’m still learning how to be a leader and I don’t think I have what it takes to take this opportunity. I don’t like public speaking and I’m not that sort of person that you should choose. Like I said the environment is amazing but I am not amazing at getting the courage to talk to big crowds. From Adelaide

  3. Dear Miss Clark,

    I have decided I would prefer not to become part of the environmental council. I wouldn’t be able to attend working bees very often because of after school activities such as piano, plus I am joining new activities each term. As for looking after the garden, I have a plant in my room that almost shrivelled up and died within a week. If it wasn’t so tough and needed water more often it would be well and truly dead by now. I don’t mind making speeches but I think I would prefer to run for another role. These are my reasons why I don’t want to become an EC captain.

    Thank you

  4. I think that I will be good for the job because I have a good understanding of how to look after the garden because I have a big garden at home that is decently healthy. I am also happy to make a speech at assembly, my own class and at buddy grades or just lower grades. I will also try my best to make it to as many working bees as possible. I also will happily take the recycling bin down to the big bin. I am also very capable of going to meeting on time and giving up my snack time. I will also try my best to remind younger kids not to put rubbish in the garden and if I see rubbish in the garden I will pick it up and put it in the nearest bin. Those are just some of the reasons why you should choose me as the EC for 2017

  5. Hello fellow peers I’m Chloe Campbell and I’ll be one of your candidates for the position of EC rep.
    As a representative for 6C I’ll be reliable when doing necessary jobs for the Apollo environment. Understanding when taking in your ideas to better the schools progress in gardens and other areas etc. Responsible when having meetings, showing up on time and contributing. Confidently giving speeches to provide knowledge of how important a clean school is and sharing it with lower year levels. If I’m your EC representative I will provide the appropriate qualities while having the privilege. I will show leadership with the opportunity of you trusting me with this role. I have plenty of experience in dealing with the pressure to impress, responsibility is a quality to be obtained. So trust me when I say I would be the perfect 6C EC. Thanks for listening.

  6. Dear miss Clark,

    Today I am going for environmental council Because I think I would be a good leader and respect all the class rules. I will always represent Apollo In a good And a sensible Environment to be as Well as being 100% Committed into What I am doing.

    I will always look after all the gardens and all wild life. I also have a lot of experience of planting plants and seeds with my family as my mum has a lot of plants all around the house.

    I will all so attend all meetings and be able to speak in public to any audiences.

    Every Friday I will take out the bins and make sure that I recycle and try my hardest to make sure that everyone else does as well.

    Thank you for listening and I hope you vote for me to be you new JEC for 2017!

  7. I’m a irresponsible fella
    I’m such a clumsy individual
    I’m a forgetful fella I’m an unlucky charm And I have stage fright fella
    And It won’t make me a happy fella

  8. Good morning 6c and miss Clarke,
    Today I would like to tell you why I think I should be the 2017 JSC rep.
    First of all I have tried every year where I had the opportunity and put all my effort in but I have never got it. Also this year I went for performing arts captain and did not get that either.

    As my last year at apollo I would like to finished it off saying I was the JEC.

    With being the JSC you need good leadership qualities and I believe I have got them.
    I am always making sure everyone is happy
    I always treat peolpe the way I want to be treated.
    I use my manners to everyone.
    I love making new friends
    I am responsible and follow the 5Rs and the 5Cs
    I am respectful and treat every one the same.

    Those are just some of my leadership qualities.

    I am also very GENTAL with nature.
    And would never do anything to hurt it.

    I am also a very CONFIDENT person I am more then happy to read messages to the school class members ect.
    I WILL ALWAYS turn up to meeting and take all the information in and use it well to make the school a BETTER place.

    Lastly I would like to say even that over the years I haven’t got the role even no I put my heart and soul into it I have used my resilience and been happy for the person who got it. I think that me having this opportunity would be a great experience but also teach me a lot.

    Please consider me as you rep thank you for listening.

  9. Why I’m not the right person

    Im not the right person because I don’t want the job and if I get it I probably will forget the meeting I don’t speak in front of big crowds like assembly public I don’t want to waste my recess or lunch just for a meeting I rather just play outside and play a sport like bat tennis .

  10. I’m a stage fright fella

    And I don’t want to recycle the bins

    and I don’t want to

    I forget everything

    I don’t wanna do working bees

    I don’t want to build things.

    I’m bad at building things

  11. Hi I’m Tahlia I I strongly disagree that I should be a leader because..
    1. I’m not confident to speak in front of a hole school every week I could only do that once in a while
    2. I’m not going to be able to make it to all of the working bees because I’m moving houses and I have a lot of after school activities including homework and other sports I do.
    3. I’m not very organised and I will most likely forget some meetings
    4. I don’t won’t to do this job because I can be a leader with out a badge
    5. I will show the 5c’s and 5r’s but I still don’t need a badge to do so
    6. Im willing to give someone else the job
    7. You have to be smart to be a leader but the problem is in not very smart yet
    8. Being a leader interrupts all of the learning time that I will need and the brakes At lunch time and snack time
    9. I’m a little bit shy
    10. I’m not very good at speech yet
    11. I think the only captain I’d be good at is sport captain because I’m with other people talking at assembly.
    12. I can’t think of much else but I know that I won’t be the right person for a big job like that

  12. Hi I’m Hayley and I going for ec

    The reasons why are I am responsible I am a good listener and I will always put in time and effort.
    I believe that the environment has a heart and right to be there and that I should help it
    I know there are others going for it as well but I stand out by creativity and organizational skills
    Good luck to everyone Else rember vote for me and you will be happy

  13. Good morning 6C my name is Alexander Eastham but you all know me as AJ. I would very much like to become the Environmental council representative for 2017.

    I am happy to give up my lunch and snack times to attend meetings and I will always be on time, I’m good at making and presenting speeches I will always remember to take the recycling bin down. I am very respectful of the gardens in school and out of school. I help a lot at home with are family garden and I always help to keep it healthy.

    At my grandparents house I plant tomatoes, zocineas carrots and I water them when told. I help mow the lorn every fort night and I plant plenty of flowers. I love the environment and find it very fascinating.

    Thank you for listing and I hope you all pick me as your environmental council representative for this year.

  14. Dear Miss Clark,
    I do really love the environment and I want to help it, but I do not have enough time on my busy schedule and it might clash with leader meetings or learning leaders which I am the captain of.

  15. Good afternoon 6C, I would definitely like to be the environmental council. I am very confident about the environment and I am here to help in any way I can. I promise to put 110% effort in this program. I have a big passion for the environment and I will go to every meeting. I’m always trying to help the environment in any way I can at school and at home. I can handle pressure well and i will contribute to all discussions. Nature is my heart and I have always cared for nature. I love everything about it. I want to help as much as I can. Thank you so much for listening and if you vote for me I promise to do the best for the environment and for our school.

  16. Hi I’m Emily and I do not want to be your 2017 E.C captain here are some reasons why I am not the right person for this job.
    I have many responsibilities already and I may not have time to attend to all the things being an E.C brings.
    Many others missed out on a leadership role and I think it would be fair for all those other people who didnt get a role to have something else to look forward to.
    I am not involved in the environment as the other candidates, and I think many of the other candidates are a better choice for this role.

    And finally I can get very nervous in present things to a large audience and I think being your Elearning Captian will be a good opertunity as it is.
    Good luck to the other candidates

    Thank you

  17. I don’t think I should be apart of the environmental council because I would love to be a learning leader. I want to be a learning leader and environmental council meetings may end up being when the learning leaders is on. I also don’t think I should be a JSC because I’m not a public speaker so doing lots of speeches in front of classes and the school would be hard for me. If there are meetings after school I would 100% not be able to go because I’m doing dancing nearly every night and if I’m not dancing my sister would have something. I am really passionate about doing learning leaders because I love working with younger kids and helping them be the best they can be.These are the reasons why I don’t think I should be apart of the environmental council.

  18. Hi my name is Tristan as some of you may all ready know. I’m here to tell you why i should be a j.s.c

    Firstly I think I should be a j.s.c because I can be a very nice person and I’m considering person as well.
    Secondly I’m good at public speaking.
    Thirdly I can speak for others and not just myself.
    Finally I am a good person and I’m very confident

  19. Don’t vote for me because I will be going to Pakistan for schooling and everything that is like that and I don’t like speaking in front of people.


  20. Hi. I don’t think you should vote for me as JSC or JEC. I am already vice captain and I do not think I should get another role. I have already been JSC in grade 3 and I am not prepared to loose my lunch or snack for meetings. I really like playing sport outside with my friends and I would rather play than go to meetings.


  21. Why you should not vote for me!
    I’m not a very good leader. I don’t have much experience in J.S.C and E.C. I would much rather have a bigger, better role than this. I don’t like going to meetings, I hate going to meetings. I was E.C last year and I didn’t like it, I hated it. So please please please please please do not vote for me.

  22. I don’t think I will be a good E.C leader because I am forgetful and probably won’t remember to go to meetings. I also don’t like speaking in front of lots of people. I also think that this role should go to someone else.

  23. Hi miss I would love to be either JSC or JEC because I think I would be a good rep for the school and I love nature , I will always turn up to my meetings , I will be responsible, I am really good at public speaking and I will do my best to be a good rep. I hope you consider me as your rep thank you.

  24. Hi I’m Olivia, and I believe that I would make a great Junior School Captain because I am amazing at making speeches and reading them at assembly. I am also able to use my lunch times and recess times for meetings. I will support all fundraisers and make fun flyers and posters. That is why I think you should nominate me as Junior School Captain for these reasons! VOTE FOR ME!!!

  25. Hi I’m Grace,
    I really do like nature, plants and our environment in general but here’s some reasons why I don’t want this position:

    ~I already have a leadership position and I want someone else to have this leadership opportunity.

    ~My buddie Sutton plays with me a lot and looks for me at recess and lunch so I think that she’ll be upset that I’ll have to be away from her 2x as much.

    ~ I normally have a big lunch or lunch orders so it will probably take me some time to get to my meetings


  26. Hi my name is Zain, and I would be a terrible JSC or EC, I am irresponsible, clumsy and would not suit this job and II don’t like speaking out loud in assembly, these are my reasons why you should not vote for me.

  27. •I have almost no leadership experience, due to me always turning everything down in fear.
    •I hate talking in public, again because of my fear of public speaking.
    •I would prefer spending my time doing something I’m actually passionate about.
    •I feel like there is a lot of talented people in the grade who would love to have a roll, and me not wanting to (and writing a speech) would obstruct their goal, even extremely slightly.
    •I forget about everything and I’m so unorganised.
    •I would be too shy to contribute ideas to help the school at meetings.
    •And, I just don’t feel like I’m a good suit for the job.
    Thank you for not voting for me (hopefully)

  28. Hi ,my name is Dulanya and here are a few reasons why I would like to be J.S.C

    .I wouldn’t mind going to meetings at snack and lunch
    .I am very confident and I wouldn’t mind doing speeches at assembly
    . I would love to do lots of fundraising activities
    . I will include everyone’s ideas !!!!

  29. Hello 6C. I’m Eleora Suryahardja and I will be one of your candidates for the position of EC rep. As a representative for 6C, I’ll be able to be relied on when doing necessary jobs for the Apollo community. I have experience in JSC, and since the two roles are similar, I think applying for it would suit me. If I’m your EC representative I will provide the appropriate qualities while having the privilege. I will go to weekly meetings. Since the first time that the roles were introduced, Grade 3, I have always been passionate for the role. Since achieving my goal last year with JSC, I am striving to get the EC role as well. I like public speaking and I will be able to do speeches in assembly. I like taking care of the environment and I will do my best to put in when taking care of the school’s gardens. Posters are my high point, what I mean is I love making them! I could go on and on to persuade you but that could go on til Christmas! I’m sorry, I don’t want to waste your time any more so please vote 1 for me!!!

    Thank you!

  30. Hi, I’m Josh and you should vote for me as my class E.C representative because…
    Firstly I love working in my garden with my family. It feels amazing to know my garden is just that much healthier thanks to me and saying that I want the school garden to be healthy to.
    Secondly I hate seeing plastic rapers, plastic bags and bottles in nature and in our school. It just doesn’t affect the gardens it affects the ocean as well, some fish can eat a rapper and die. So I will do everything I can to stop it.
    Lastly I love being around nature it’s sort of like my happy place and I am willing to give up recess or lunch time to deccuss how to stop these bad things happening to the environment.
    So those are my three reasons why you should vote for me as your environmental captain.

  31. Hi,
    I’m Thinh and these are the few reasons that I don’t want to go for a JEC/JSC representative:
    – I don’t want to be overloaded because I am E-Learning Captain
    – I have been JSC and EC before
    Those are the reasons why I am not running for JSC or JEC

  32. Hi I’m Leah and these are the reason why I’m not going for JSC or EC position.
    Firstly I am not the best at meetings or talking in front of a crowd. Also to top on that I participate very little in group task.
    Secondly I am forgetful and I am not a very confident person.
    I hope this advises you not to vote for me.

  33. Dear 6c hello my name is Pereclis koukis i am 11 years old. I am going for J.S.C I think i would be a good leader becase i love being creative to do the fundraising. I would be happy to attend lunch time in meetings. Vote for me

  34. Hi I am Ehva,
    This is another opportunity to be a captain and I would love to get this role. It is another captain opportunity and I believe I could be one because, I follow the 5c’s and the 5r’s and I am very caring for the school. Please vote for me!

  35. Hi I’m Jake and I will be running for JEC and JSC for 6C in 2018.
    I believe you should vote me into these leadership roles because of my ability to lead. Some of my leadership strengths are my ability to communicate, my self confidence and I mostly lead by example. I would also be open to giving up my lunch times to go to meetings. Thank you for your time and I hope you choose to vote for me. Thank you!

  36. Hi I’m Jemma and these are the reasons why I would not like to be JSC or EC.

    1. I am one of the e-learning captains and I would like to focus on the that more than a JSC or EC job.

    2. I was JSC in grade three, it was a good opportunity but I would miss meetings and forget what to talk about with the speeches at assembly.

    Please do no vote for me I would really not fit the job.

  37. I strongly believe I should not be Environmental Council or Junior School council.

    I believe I should not be EC or JSC because I do not want to give up my lunch time and I also I have been EC in the past and it has not been enjoyable, I was really bored and it was not a good experience for me. I also have a leadership role that is Sport Captain. This is not a job for me.

    This may be a good job for other but it is not for me.

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