Term 4

Due: Friday 19th October 2018

Part A



Part B










Term 4 week 5: Find the mean, median, mode and range of the weight of each of the Melbourne Cup jockeys. Show your working in your book. Homework club is on Thursday if you need any assistance.

https://www.mathsisfun.com/games/magic-square-game.html Can you solve this?? Screenshot your completed puzzle and show Miss Clark! 😀

Term 4 Week 4 DUE MON 6th NOV

Biography headings below:


Week 3 DUE Monday 30th OCT.

Term 4 Week 2 DUE: MONDAY 23rd OCT

Term 4 Week 1  DUE: MONDAY 16th OCT

Overdue housing estate projects are to be completed at home and are due on Monday.

Handy hint: