film fest invite design brief

 How many camera angles/types of shots can you spot in this episode of Miniscule?


Film Language Quiz

Film language – Camera shots & angles PP



Create a warning poster about CREDIT CARDS OR ‘QUICK LOANS’. You may need to research ‘dangers of finance’ or similar search words.
Use the information from the clip and make sure you add graphics and phrases that deliver a strong message.(You can create a paper or digital presentation.)

In your own words, describe what tax is.

  1. What are taxes used for?
  2. What does GST stand for?
  3. Name three products that you don’t pay GST on.
  4. Which products do you buy that have GST on them?
  5. What is the difference between goods and services?
  6. GST makes up ____% of the price we pay for things.
  7. What changes might the government make to the GST?
  8. Why is the government thinking of making the changes?
  9. Name three things you learnt watching the GST Changes story.

Complete the table below with a partner