Leaning Tower of Pisa!


Can you create a Leaning Tower of Pisa replica that is perfectly to scale?

You will need to consider the circumference, the height and and angle of the tower.


Here is an example

Can you solve this???

Finding the unknown values within angles on a…

* right angle (complementary angles e.g. 2 angles that add up to 90 degrees)

**  straight lines (supplementary angles e.g. 2 angles that add up to 180 degrees)

*** full circle

Use this guide to help you decide on the task that is right for you. These tasks are just an EXAMPLE of the type work that will be done so you need to look at the focus for each group. Don’t base your choice too heavily on these exact tasks. There will be opportunities for you to move between groups, depending on what is right for you.

Focus: Building number knowledge and mental strategies. 

 Focus: Using mental and written strategies to solve problems that require 2 or more steps.


Focus: Investigating a range of mental and written strategies to solve problems in the most efficient way. 



Focus: Investigating a range of strategies to solve complex problems, involving more than one process, in the most efficient way.

Work with a friend to brainstorm some ‘Would you rather?’ options.

They need to involve some sort of fraction, percentage or decimal and they must be challenging! An example has been done for you but here are some ore things you can use to inspire you!

  • To be given the newest iPhone when you are 87600 hours old OR when you are 13 years old?

  • To get 8 quarters of 20 malteasers OR half of 50 malteasers?

  • 0.33 of $1,000,000 OR 2 thirds of $1,000,000?

Be creative! You want it to be challenging!

Show all of your thinking and working out to prove that you are making the best choice! 😀



Earn + Learn Evaluation

What am I worth?

Need to include your assets, superannuation, cash, and money in the bank. This needs to be listed and accounted for. Include samples. Add extra details.

Out of everything you bought, what are considered needs and wants?

What has this taught me?

I wonder….

It can be presented in any way you choose.

Work with a partner to come up with a set of data. You will have 10 minutes to do this. You might choose to have a mini survey or you might collect data from around the classroom.

Represent your data as a fraction, decimal and percentage e.g. If 4 out of 20 people chose Harry Potter as their favourite movie you would record it as 4/20, 0.2 and 20%.

Make a number line using the materials provided and choose the length of your number line.

100cm, 50cm or 33cm.

Use your data to accurately partition your number line.

Complete the following feedback questions, print one copy and save to the server.  🙂

Differentiated maths lesson feedback

In your own words, can you briefly explain how maths lessons are run in Miss Clark’s grade.

How is this different to a ‘normal’ class?

Which type of class do you prefer? Why?

How do you feel about not being put into ‘ability groups’?

How do you feel about getting to choose your own task and partner?

Additional comments:


Percentage of profit/loss


** Go to an online catalogue and choose 5 items and complete the following table.

* Go to an online catalogue and choose 5 items and complete the following table.




Choose 2 problems from each column to complete.

You need to show all your working/thinking 🙂

Your challenge is as follows:

You live right near Apollo Parkways PS and want to go to the movies in the city. To get there you need to catch public transport to the city and then return home the same way.

You need to research (using movie and public transport timetables) the following:

1. Where do you catch the public transport from?

2. What time will you catch the public transport?

3. What time will you arrive in the city?

4. Where will you exit the public transport?

5. What movie will they be seeing and where will you see it?

6. What time does the film start?

7. What time (approximately) does the film finish?

8. Where from and what time will you leave the city on public transport?

9. Where and what time will you arrive home?

To complete this task you will need to create an itinerary for the trip. Your itinerary should include times, locations and the plan for the day’s events. You need to take into account the time it would take to move from one place to another (eg: from the public transport to the movie theatre).

You can use your iPad to do your research and you can complete you itinerary in your Maths book.

Good luck!


Work out an itinerary for a day out into the city. You need to visit two of the following locations:

Melbourne Zoo

Melbourne Museum

Old Melbourne Gaol

You also need to visit Southbank for lunch.

On your ipad in pages, create a timetable of your day including travel time, the duration you will be at each location and all costs involved.




Select your athletes and make your dream team!

You need to have 9 athletes and a mix of males and females.

Name your team and write a couple of sentences to justify why you selected those athletes.

Now it’s time to get to know your athletes! Identify the tallest and shortest members of the team. What is the most effective way of doing this?


What is the range in heights in your team? (range)

What is the most common height? (mode)

Whose height is right in the middle of the range? (median)

Which athlete has the fastest average time? (mean)

Fill in the blank space on each athlete’s card.

Write a definition for range, mode, median and mean. You may use numbers, pictures, words or symbols to do so.

Warm up – Three degrees of separation!

This survey was conducted in a virtual class, where students from all over the world learn together. It is your job to organise the data so that it can be easily understood. Mathematicians like to organise numbers from smallest to largest and every number is important, even zero, as it represents the information about one of the students.




Horrendous soup! 1

Horrendous soup! 2

Horrendous soup! 3

Horrendous soup! 4








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